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Did you know that molding stands for more than just skirting and plinths? The name also includes decorative panels and profiles, rosettes, columns and pilasters, ceiling and wall skirting. Molding means a multitude of designs, styles, and textures because who is to say that a wall has to be flat? With the use of decorative panels, you can achieve spectacular 3D effects and give a wall or door a unique look, it is entirely up to you how you arrange the panels. Properly used moldings will give your interior a unique style, from modern to baroque. One advantage of the above-mentioned solution is the ease of assembly, the possibility to adjust the elements to any shape of wall, resistance to dampness, and most importantly, the possibility for various solutions. Profiles and rosettes have different shapes and can be painted in any color without initial processing and, thanks to invisible hooks, can be easily combined. Visit Mo showrooms and learn more!

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