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The façade is like a greeting card for our home, it defines the style and character of a building, impacts how it is viewed from the outside. However, apart from the decorative values of a façade, one also has to think about its durability, energy-efficiency, and an efficient assembly method. A properly assembled elevation system allows for protecting the home against heat loss during the winter and overheating in the summertime. A ceramic elevation system, included in Mo’s offer, allows the creation of an effect of an obverse wall in a very short time, without the need to use adhesives or cement mortars. It is the only system in Poland based on Styrofoam, with a high heat transfer coefficient. The system is available in 4 series and 38 colors. Furthermore, stoneware tiles are also now more often placed on façades than traditional clinker. Very good frost-resistance parameters of stoneware tiles, ensuring no water transudation, allow successful separation of moisture from the wall. You can learn more about façade products at Mo showrooms.

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