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Grupa Mo is a polish chain of showrooms selling interior design goods. We are a family business with over than 25 years of experience.

Our main fields of business are:

  • tiles
  • ceramics
  • fittings
  • lighting
  • industrial wallpapers
  • photograph wallpapers
  • systems terraces
  • elevation
  • natural stone
  • recuperation
  • wooden floors
  • bathtubs, cabins
  • heaters
  • bathroom furniture

Mo showrooms are 11 unique and inspiring places in Poland where architects and investors create and develop space and modern design. We distribute through retail, investment and network sales.

We cooperate with a large group of architects and designers who are involved in both interior design, and execution of large-area investments.


Our customers and our projects prove our experience. More than 20 years of experience in terms of comprehensively handling constructions gives our clients the certainty that they are commissioning their designs to specialists. Reference list of facilities implemented across the whole country includes a few hundred public buildings, hospitals, schools, hotels, sports and commercial facilities and an impressive list of interiors of private investors.

Contact us

For investment service, please contact our Investment and Development Director - Sławomir Wiąz. Tel +48 601 757 017, email: slawomir.wiaz@grupamo.pl

For retail service, please contact one of our showrooms listed below:

Mo showroom Poznań (flagship store)
Głogowska 248
60-111 Poznań
tel: 61 661 61 61
email: sekretariat@grupamo.pl

Mo showroom Ostrów Wielkopolski
Prądzyńskiego 30
63-400 Ostrów Wielkopolski
tel: 95 721 41 08

Mo showroom Gorzów Wielkopolski
ul. Żwirowa 41 A
66–400 Gorzów Wlkp.
tel.: 95 721 41 08

Mo showroom Leszno
Al. Krasińskiego 34
64-100 Leszno
tel: 65 529 63 63

Mo showroom Kołobrzeg
Sienkiewicza 19
78-100 Kołobrzeg
tel: 94 355 18 88

Mo showroom Kalisz
ul. Skarszewska 42/1
62–800 Kalisz
tel.: 62 502 10 15

Mo showroom Bydgoszcz
Łęczycka 14
85-737 Bydgoszcz
tel: 52 348 93 43

Mo showroom Konin
ul. Torowa 2C
62–510 Konin
tel.: 63 243 31 14

Mo showroom Rzeszów
ul. Niemierskiego 5
35 - 307 Rzeszów
tel.: 17 857 65 82


At Mo showrooms, you can arrange a meeting
with Mo consultants. Just choose a time which
suits you best and you will receive
a dedicated service! With Mo you save time!


At Mo showrooms, you can arrange a meeting
with an architect who will create
a professional technical design
just for you.

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