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Agent od Good

Agent od Good

The best way to feel happy is to make someone else happy.

H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Philanthropy is our inspiration. We are the first company in Poland, and one of the first in Europe, to introduce a solution which aims at sharing various resources, not limited to financial ones, with those in need. We execute this concept through a specially appointed position called an Agent of Good.

The goal of our social activity is to multiply good. This can be done in numerous ways; we chose to “invest” in good, meaning sharing available material and non-material resources (for example knowledge, skills, contacts, product offers, etc.). By sharing the company’s capital in favor of social initiatives we increase their efficiency and lifespan, while also providing the tools to strengthen organizations in executing their social mission. That way we take part in arranging socially important and useful actions.

Cermag - Agent od Good

The Agent of Good is a person combining a number of roles into one whose intention is to help – I am a bit of a fundraiser, logistician, spokesperson, coordinator of social campaigns, organizer of charity events, etc. Therefore, the job requires a lot of flexibility but such diversity provides the opportunity to be at the very center of social events and needs. It gives me perspective – knowledge, experience, and understanding of who it is worth helping and who needs to be helped. However, the agent is not a judge deciding who to help and in what way. I am definitely closer to a social advisor, basing my activities on building relationships with donors, as well as people and organizations in need of help. This position is like a bridge whose arches consist of the Grupa Mo providing the tools to work, factual support, and business know-how. This arch provides the possibility to define the needs of groups searching for help, standing on one side of a river, as well as to understand the motivations of people on the other side – those who can and want to help.

Maria Kopaszewska – Agent of Goodness

Other actions undertaken by the Group include:

  • charitable actions
  • consultations concerning the strategy of actions in terms of non-government organizations (business perspective) and basic legal support for non-government organizations
  • recommending social initiatives to entrepreneurs (authenticating the actions of non-government organizations)
  • handing over material donations
  • sharing with non-government organizations the information and knowledge concerning acquiring funds for social purposes
  • promoting rational help among entrepreneurs – investing in good
author: E.Gender
author: E. Gender

author: E.Gender

author: E. Gender

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